TORONTO–(PR.COM)–The demand for online divorces has never been higher for Canada’s number one online uncontested divorce service, Untie The Knot, operating for over 18 years.  “This year, during the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase of 90% in online divorce orders through our service between May 18 and June 24, compared to the preceding 37 day period,” says Aaron Adamson, the company’s CMO.  “May 18th was about two months after the beginning of Canada’s lockdown, and it marked a turning point where we saw the beginning of a dramatic increase in the number of divorces.  We didn’t see this kind of an increase during the same period in previous years, so this points to a COVID-19 lockdown effect.”

“In addition to the number of divorces climbing, we are also seeing an increase in freshly separated couples applying for a divorce with separation dates from the last couple of months. Although they cannot legally divorce until they have been separated for a year, they certainly want to get the ball rolling,” notes Christina Stewart, Untie The Knot’s Chief Operations Officer.

Interestingly, there are regional and gender differences within this increase.  Two provinces standout; Alberta’s divorces grew a staggering 802% followed by British Columbia’s with a 98% increase.  One fascinating change, post May 18th, is that women seemed to be more affected by the lockdown then men.  In fact, women ended up ordering 55% of the divorces compared with only 46% before that date, a 20% increase.

What explains the overall increase?

During this pandemic, our society has been forced to live in confined quarters for prolonged periods of time which appears to be putting an unprecedented strain on the marriages of the nation.  “We anticipate that this is only the beginning and that we will see a further acceleration in divorces as our society opens up more and more,” says Adamson.  This theory of future growth of divorces is supported by recent news articles in Canada and beyond. The Toronto Sun reported that Canadian divorces are expected to grow past the 38% national average, once COVID-19 restrictions have lifted. In Post-Corona China, Bloomberg Businessweek reported that divorces skyrocketed in March following the lifting of government mandated lockdowns designed to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“At this time, we are especially glad that we can offer Canadians a low-cost, online divorce option, considering that money for some is tighter than ever, due to layoffs and company shut-downs caused by the virus,” says Adamson.  “In order to further accommodate the rise in demand,” Adamson says “we updated our site, modernized our intake form, and hired more staff.”  The Untie The Knot team can get started on your uncontested divorce in under 10 minutes, with the new, simple intake form.  In order to qualify for an uncontested divorce, the couple must be in agreement regarding how to handle property, money and parenting decisions, and the applicant must know the address of their spouse.

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